Shout out to the future champions. The go-getters. The ones who keep on running and running until they leave their own limitations behind. The ones that are not afraid to slow down and walk, sometimes even crawl if they have to, but never ever stop moving forward. Instead of self sabotaging, they choose to be self-made. They work hard to become the best possible versions of themselves. They are the first ones warming up for practice and the last ones turning the lights off after everyone else has left. They are the “delusional” ones who prove their training buddies wrong. They don’t need the biggest biceps because they have the biggest hearts. They don’t follow the standards as they don’t want to fit in. They make up their own rules as they were born to stand out.


9. October 2016


Oh man, I've got it! Can't believe we haven't thought of this sooner...

Ok, Raouf. I know we've been friends forever and all
but can you please elaborate on your eureka moment here?

You're gonna love it, Andris! Everybody's gonna love it!

Well, I'm sure you're right but I'm still not following you.

Listen! You and me, we're both huge sports fans!

Yep, 100%.

We've been working in the supplement industry
for ages so we have plenty of experience.

Yes, that's true as well.

We are crazy about snacks that not only are healthy
and nutritious but also taste epicly delicious.

Pretty accurate. But it's not that easy to find high-quality ones.
Most sports supplements are produced by big heartless
corporaions who don't give a damn, anyway.

Dude, that's exactly my point!

Fair enough, I think I like where this is going.

Of course, you do! It's 2016, people deserve better than that.

We can do better than them!

Let's create our own suppliment brand and call it NANO SUPPS!

Hell yeah! I have one condition though: Pancakes.
We have to make pancakes!

Yes, please, Let's get to it!

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